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Image by Zhanhui Li


Hi there! I'm John, the founder and lead instructor of Ivy Tutoring. 

My tutoring experience began after my freshman year of college, when I came back home to work with students from my high school. I offered to help kids who were just a couple years younger than me prep for the SAT and ACT. At first, I was just working with a couple of students in my spare time. Before long though, I was helping over two dozen students through group courses and private tutoring. I loved it. The kids were bright, hilarious, and so excited about the possibilities their future held for them. 

By now, I've been tutoring and teaching for over a decade. I've worked with students from some of the top private schools in the nation, and from public schools all across the country. 

My personal educational background had me attending Princeton University and the University of Notre Dame, having scored in the 99th percentile on both college and graduate school entrance exams. 

From my tutoring and personal educational experiences, I've learned that standardized tests do not have to be something to fear. By understanding how the test writers think and implementing proven methods, your child will be able to prep in the most efficient way possible to master the test and move forward to greater success in college and beyond.

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