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Private Tutoring

Ivy Tutoring offers a variety of tutoring packages for students looking for individualized 1-1 tutoring. Every student can benefit from working with a private tutor.


This option is particularly recommended for students who - 

  • Have aggressive score-improvement goals

  • Thrive in 1-1 settings

  • Maintain busy or complicated schedules

  • Learn in a unique fashion

  • Are anxious about the test

  • Have particularly low or high starting scores

  • Are easily distracted

  • Have limited time to prepare before the test

Private tutoring is offered across four key areas

1       College Entrance Exam - SAT or ACT

2       College Essay & Application Coaching

3       High School Entrance Exam - SSAT or ISEE

4       Homework Help - By Subject

We'd love to learn about how we can help your child. To start this conversation, contact us below.

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